Hazardous Substance Safely

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Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Awareness


1. Introduction

2. Principles and philosophy of hazardous material safety

3. Duties and responsibilities of the hazmat first responder, including handling, storage, working with and disposal

4. Causes and prevention of HAZMAT incidents and accidents

5. Working safely, with hazardous materials

6. Manage a chemical spill/leak, by means of  containing and controlling

7. Understanding hazardous materials, their hazards posed to humans and the environment, including short and long-term effects

8. Implementing and using a HAZMAT generic emergency response plan to manage a scene including incident clean-up

9. Regulations used to manage hazardous materials

10. Regulations used to safely store and disposed of hazardous waste products

11. Identification and classification of hazardous materials, including signs, labels

12. Understanding the MSDS

13. Recognizing the companies abilities and resources, when to call the emergency services for assistance

14. The selection of, use, care and maintenance of hazardous material PPE

15. First aid treatment, for various hazardous materials

16. Glossary of terms and abbreviations

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