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Abrasive Wheel Safety


1. Introduction

2. Principles and philosophy of abrasive wheel safety

3. Duties and responsibilities of the abrasive wheel user

4. Causes and prevention of abrasive wheel incidents and accidents

5. Working safely, with abrasive wheels, including workbench and powered hand tools

6. Provision and use of work equipment regulations

7. How to identify the types of abrasive wheels and their characteristics, including storage, inspecting and testing

8. The selection of, use, care and maintenance of PPE

9. The functions and components of abrasive wheels including flanges. washers, bushes and nuts used in mounting, including the correct and incorrect methods of assembling all components and correct balancing procedures

10. First aid treatment, for abrasive wheel accidents

11. Glossary of terms and abbreviations

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Electrical Safety


1. Introduction

2. Principles and philosophy of electricity

3. Causes and prevention of electrical hazards

4. Electrical safety, low, medium and high voltage

5. Special high hazard electrical situations eg. confined spaces

6. Electrical safety risk assessment and accident prevention

7. Electrical isolation and re-energizing, including lock-out

and tag-out procedure

8. Electrical safety equipment and PPE

9. Ark flash/blast safety

10. Roles and responsibilities of electrical safety role players

11. Emergency action and first aid treatment for electrocution

12. Glossary of terms and abbreviations

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Ladders, Steps and Stairs Safety


1. Introduction

2. Principles and philosophy of stairs, steps and ladder safety

3. Types of ladders, steps and stairs

4. Inspecting the ladders, steps and stairs

5. Hazards and accidents associated with ladders, steps, stairs, and their prevention

6. Method of using ladders, steps and stairs correctly  

7. Storage, transporting and using ladders safely

8. PPE, climbing and working on ladders safely

9. Rescue and First Aid treatment of falling from height

10. Glossary of terms and abbreviations

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