Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

1. Company Policy

Our particular specialty is to support and help improve the competency of the company Safety Officer and Supervisor, as well as anyone that desires to improve their knowledge in HSE matters.

Specifically we are focused on helping to further develop the skill-set of the Safety Officer/Supervisor, by means of offering short courses in various subjects to help further the individuals present level of competency, to that required by the organization served or the individuals desired career path.

For example, should a Safety Officer/Supervisor need to improve their knowledge on a particular subject eg. company bio-hazards, we offer a module to cover the hazard and complement their existing qualifications.

2. Vision  Statement

To be recognized as a competent, thereby proffered service provider.

We choose to build our business by word of mouth, rather than by artificial means.

3. Mission Statement

We will deliver a superior service to our clients by:

Delivering of training and consultancy in an affordable and innovative manner, applying the best industry practices to our clients needs.

Practising fundamental business principles, like not focusing on the maximization of profits, but rather on the minimization of losses. As well as universal truths, like leading by example and, providing a “tailor-made” service where possible.

4. Safety Policy

The company Safety and Occupational Services (SOS) is an innovative Health Safety and Environmental Consultancy, Training and Safety Equipment supplier to our clients operating in a diverse range of occupations and industries, in the international arena

To achieve our policy goals we understand that the health, safety and welfare of our staff, clients and subcontractors are our first and most important priority. Our endeavor is to assist our clients in the realization of this goal, by emphasizing risk reduction!

We fully commit ourselves to the implementation of ongoing risk assessment, hazard identification and the timely application of appropriate risk control measures, with the emphasis on continual improvement.

It is clear to us that our greatest asset is our employees and clients. We will therefore take all steps necessary to make any improvements to ensure a mutual, beneficial and continued relationship endures.

Our hazards are those inherent to the nature of our operations, as well as those of our clients that we may become subjected to in the execution of our activities.

We shall endeavor to conform to and where possible exceed all applicable local and international occupational, health, safety and environmental regulations and standards, in the execution of our activities.

Our organization plans performance improvements and conforms to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Services - OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Our philosophy is “a safe business is a good business!”

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