Safety and Occupational Services - H.S.E. e-learning Courses


Our company, (SOS) has a team of HSE Trainers and Consultants who work with individuals, local companies and international companies to deliver generic courses, or identify their individual training requirements, and deliver comprehensive modules or entire courses to satisfy their training needs.

This site is aimed at Safety Officers, Management and Workers wishing to improve their knowledge and qualifications. Specifically the site provides a number of affordable courses, that can be selected to suit the requirements of the individual or organization.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide a cost effective and where necessary customized occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Training Service.

We offer solutions to clients who are assigned to take a proactive approach towards creating a safe work environment for all employees, leading to higher production and lower staff turnover by promoting safety awareness and effective strategies in controlling work hazards, reducing health and occupational risks to the lowest practical levels.

The modules available, are designed to complement the individuals existing qualifications for example, a Safety Officer transferring from one industry to another, having a Safety Officer qualification can now easily add a module to their qualifications eg. chemical safety.

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