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Safety Consultant

SOS has a team of HSE Trainers and Consultants working with individuals & international companies delivering safety courses, identifying training requirements, and we deliver comprehensive modules or entire courses (customized if required) to satisfy your training needs.

Modules can be added to the individuals existing qualifications to improve their professional standing and occupational safety readiness.

Our aim is to assist the student to go forward in the direction of their chosen career, and fulfil their potential!


Support for Businesses


If you run a business and employ people, welcome to SOS... we are expressly here to support you achieve your social, moral and legal responsibilities towards your workers and the occupational HSE regulations.

The aim of safety is to minimize loss, while ensuring business continuity, with the constant desire towards improving productivity, all the while protecting the companies greatest assets - the worker!

We will make you glad, you came to us as your HSE e-learning service provider


Our Policy


We aim to establish a win - win relationship with our clients, for without this... respect and trust are not guaranteed.

Let us help you make sure you always conform to the relevant Health, Safety and Environment best industry practice...

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